Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Don't Mess With Navratilova

You know I am for all gay rights? I mean, what's hotter than two chicks going at it? I say "yay" to everyone who wants to be either gay or lesbian. The former means less competition and the latter means more viewing pleasure.

Where am I going with this? Well, "Martina Navratilova has settled her lawsuit against the sponsor of a credit card directly marketed to gays and lesbians." The company, Do Tell Inc., has used her likeness in marketing their Rainbow cards to the gay and lesbian community for sometime. Now, Ms. Navratilova, doesn't want anything to do with the card since they are advertising on shows that she finds "inappropriate and repugnant." Shows such as "The L Word" and "Queer As Folk."

I have no choice but to support Martina on this. I mean, since I am not gay, although I am a lesbian at heart, I don't know if those shows are "inappropriate and repugnant" but since she is such a pioneer in gay rights, I gotta give this to her. Plus, she can bench press more than me.

Take it away Ms. Navratilova. Full story here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a lesbian and you certainly can disagree with her on this. She's an asshole and always has been. Pioneer or not.

1:04 PM  

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