Friday, August 05, 2005

About Time

Sometime ago, I had posted a … post … about how it was inconceivable that someone, anyone, who advocates violence against a country, is allowed to immigrate to that country. Not only allowed to immigrate but is also allowed to live there.

Well, in the wake of the 7/7 blasts, the Great Britain has changed its asylum rules. As reported in The Telegraph, British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has said that coming to Britain is not a right. I am shocked that he even has to say this. Right away, if a person who is applying to move to Britain says that it’s their right to move to Britain, they should be immediately deported.

Other than speeding up the deportation process, the other thing that they are doing, which I think is very cool, is to extend the law that “strip(s) people of their British nationality if they act against the interests of this country … to apply to naturalised citizens involved in extremism.”

This is a good move and a just move. My only concern would be with its implementation but I am sure that given what that country has just gone through, we will cut them a little slack.


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