Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bangladeshi Terror Camps

I am sure that everyone, anyone, reading this knows about the tensions between India and Pakistan. One of the sources of this tension is India’s contention that Pakistan supports terrorists within its territory that enter India and cause chaos within that country. What India calls terrorists, Pakistan calls freedom fighters. This is not a new story and has been covered on multiple fronts by multiple sources.

The new news, to me anyway, is that India says that there are terrorist camps in Bangladesh. For anyone not in the know, Bangladesh is a very, very poor country. Its also located in an area that floods every year and whenever that happens, Bangladesh asks for international help in dealing with the crisis.

So it was with some surprise that I read on the All India Newspapers web site that the provincial Tripura government in the country is asking the Central government to force “Bangladesh to take urgent steps in dismantling ‘sixty seven terrorist camps’ situated in that country.” We all know that Indians are very good with math so I wasn’t surprised that they were able to pinpoint the exact number, not 68 or 66 but 67, of terrorist camps.

The last paragraph is quite funny and shows the respect that the current government holds for the former government. It’s pasted below.

To a question on how the Manmohan Singh government was handling Pakistan and Kashmir, the Rajya Sabha member said it was "certainly better than the previous NDA government which had failed on all fronts." "I hope that efforts in this regard are successful," she added.


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