Monday, August 15, 2005

Farrakhan To The Rescue

This was pretty funny when it first happened. Mexican President, Vincente Fox, some months ago said that Mexican immigrants who come across the border take jobs "that not even blacks want."

Black leaders weren’t too happy when they heard him say that and Jesse Jackson even went to Mexico to protest. I think he went for the beaches, free Mexican food and the hot Mami’s but then who wouldn’t go for those things.

Fox apologized and said that something was lost in the translation, he meant no disrespect, etc. Now, Louis Farrakhan just came out and said that Fox was right. He said, "Why are you so foolishly sensitive when somebody is telling you the truth?"

The thing with Louis is that no one can disagree with him. If they do then the Nation’s people will come and open a can of whup ass on their … ass.

Go Louis. Full story at


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