Monday, August 08, 2005

The Hip Factor

You would think that WalMart would be happy being the most powerful company on the planet. The company has achieved its success by focusing on a population that was ignored till WalMart showed up.

We all love WalMart for its low prices, its medium quality merchandise and its middle of the road fashions. If you wanted hip and trendy products then you would go to Target or your neighborhood shops.

Well, WalMart is sitting on the sidelines no more. The mega-company is now planning on upgrading its products and get on the frontlines of the hip and trendy. I think this is a direct reaction to the success of Target, which has grown like crazy with its exclusive designers and its trendy products.

It will be interesting to see the market's reaction to this latest WalMart’s development, as reported in the Washington Post.


Blogger Spin_Doc1 said...

Target's success comes from the fact that their products do not feel like the entire world has handled them before you purchase it. In no way is Target or Walmart hip. I know people are going to disagree with that, but let's face it they are not hip.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Comment Man said...

Doesn't that depend on what your definition of hip is?

10:23 AM  

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