Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pampered Kids

People who have kids will not like my take on this story. Well, some of them might but I bet a majority won’t.

The NY Times has an interesting story on how parents are spending their hard earned money to make sure that their kids don’t get into trouble. What’s new about this story is that the parents are spending this money on counseling and educational programs.

Huh? These are apparently “difficult” kids. So they are being counseled. I don’t get this. If a kid does something wrong such as take drugs or join a gang the parent should WHUP THEIR ASS. Take away their computers etc. and lock them up inside their room.

The argument goes, and not in this article but in general, that if you do what I suggest then the kid will only hurt themselves through shit like trying to commit suicide. To that I say, so?

You spend your life savings on sending the kid to counseling, which is not a guaranteed solution, and all that happens is that the kids gets on drugs again and you have lost your money. The special program industry disagrees with me.

One of quotes in this article is: "If you've got a child with problems, this is your most precious asset, and I don't think any parent would ever cut corners if they thought there was a way to help their child through the problem they're experiencing."

In other words, we got more programs to “help” your kid, they just cost more money but if you don’t spend your money on your “most precious asset” what will you spend the money on. I have an answer: Me. I will spend the money on myself because I am my “most precious asset.”


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