Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Stay Calm Everyone

I wasn’t going to post anything on the whole Gaza settler thing. Its being covered enough all over the place, hell sometimes it feels that it’s the only thing being covered these days, and from most angles.

However, Fox News just reported that an Israeli settler just opened fire on the Palestinians and killed three of them, innocent bystanders and passersby. This was not a gunman, I disagree with the Fox News headline, but just a normal guy who was frustrated and “grabbed a gun from a security man at the Shiloh industrial zone and opened fire on Palestinians, who may have been workers or passersby.”

The reason for my posting this is to show that emotions run high on both ends and the possibility of violence is very strong on both ends. Hamas is saying that Israel is taking these steps because of its actions and that it won’t stop until it gets back all of the “Palestinian land.”

This is a powder-keg folks. Stay Calm.


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