Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tragic … and Joyful(?)

You may have heard of this story, I like to call it the Anti-Schiavo case. This young lady, a researcher at NIH, got melanoma and suffered a stroke due to it. She was pregnant at that time and was kept alive on life support so that her fetus could develop. It essentially became a race between the developing fetus and the cancer that was spreading through her body. Hey, maybe I could pitch this as a movie.

Anyway, she gave birth to a healthy daughter on Tuesday and was removed from the life support system yesterday. Now, obviously this is a tragic story and there are people on both sides of it. There are those that this is a miracle baby and there are those that she was just used as a harvester for the child.

For me it comes down to the person’s wishes. I supported, essentially by arguing with anyone who disagreed with me, Michael Shiavo’s right to take his wife off life support because that is what she wanted. Now, I support Susan Torres’ wish to be kept alive so that she could give birth to her child.

That is what each side needs to know. It is about choices, it is a relatively free, less every day though, country and that even if we don’t agree with the other person’s choices we should have enough respect and freedom to let them make their choice … within certain parameters of course.

No doubt, it is these parameters that get us all in trouble. Full story in the LA Times.


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