Monday, August 15, 2005

Troop Morale

The smartest thing that the Bush Team (BT) has done is to merge any questions about its international, specifically Iraq, policies as unpatriotic. The argument goes that if you question anything that the BT has done in Iraq then you are unpatriotic because you are hurting troop morale.

Since most of these guys have never served in the armed forces and wouldn’t know what to do in a war setting, they don’t realize that the army morale is pretty damn low. The actions of some anti-war protestors, who by the way repeatedly say that they are against the war and not against the troops, don’t make a difference to the level of troop morale.

The BT is very focused and has never let facts get in its way and this situation is no different. You may have heard of Cindy Sheehan (NY Times link here), her son died in the Iraq war and she is camped outside President Bush’s ranch, he is on a 5 week vacation, waiting to speak with him.

Ignoring the fact that the man is on 5 week vacation, nice job if you can get it, I focused on whether President Bush will ever meet this woman. I don’t think he will but this isn’t about that issue. Its about how “250 Bush supporters waved American flags in a counter rally across the street, holding signs that said Sheehan was unpatriotic and was hurting troop morale.”

The woman’s son died in the war and she is being unpatriotic. Troop morale is already at an all-time low and this one lady is hurting it. The best thing in this story is the following:

“While about 60 in Sheehan's group held a religious service Sunday morning, a nearby landowner, Larry Mattlage, fired his shotgun twice into the air. Sheriff's deputies and Secret Service agents rushed to his house but did not arrest him.

‘I ain't threatening nobody, and I ain't pointing a gun at nobody,’ Mattlage said. ‘This is Texas.’”

Only in Texas folks. Only in Texas.


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