Monday, August 15, 2005


… and then there is the wisdom of the evangelicals. Those radical Christians that we all know and love, they who make radical Muslims look like religious pussies.

“Justice Sunday II”, A New Can Of Justice, was held over the weekend in Nashville, TN. The main goal of this “rally” was to rally against the judges. Especially, against those judges who are “anti-Christian” i.e. anyone who dares to disagree with anything that James Dobson says.

Who is James Dobson? He is possibly the biggest horse’s ass in the country and you can go to to learn about this moron. That’s his web site so everything there is positive about this horse’s ass.

There you will find answers to all the relevant questions of our time. Questions such as: “Is it a sin to drop a Christian friend because he or she doesn't act ‘Christian’?”

Anyway, this post is about what that lovable Congressman, Tom “The Hammer” Delay said at “Justice Sunday II.” He railed against “activist judges.” The Hammer, by the way, is under investigation for accepting bribes and as soon as he was indicted he discovered all these “activist judges.”

Before then, he didn’t know a judge from a used car, he was a used car salesman before he got elected.

Full story in today’s Washington Post.


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