Wednesday, August 10, 2005

You Go Girl

I don’t know if this is true for the entire Sudan or just for southern Sudan but it sure is an interesting story. Reported in today’s Washington Post, it says that women in the southern Sudan region are committing adultery to get divorces. When I read the story the immortal words “Huh?” and “Wha?” escaped my lips. Then I thought of all those women waiting to have an affair and immediately wanted to move to Sudan. Then I realized that it was the Sudan we were talking about and just read this story.

Okay, getting back on track, the story says that in Sudan the law says that only men are allowed to divorce their spouses. So, no matter how horrible the man is, for example the husband of the woman profiled in this story, the woman get a divorce from him.

However, “the one legal loophole for Sudanese women is to commit adultery, a crime that is instant grounds for divorce.” So that’s what a lot of women do. They commit adultery, maybe even get pregnant as a result of the adultery, and their husbands grant them divorce, in theory.

In reality, that does not always happen. As told in the report, if a husband wants to give his wife a divorce he has to give her back the dowry she brought with her. Sometimes, because the dowry is so big, comparatively, that the husband does not want to do that and the woman is stuck in jail, for committing adultery and still married.

Things are looking up though. Sudan wants international aid and one of the ways to get new funding is to give equal rights to women so women, may, in the 21st century get the right to divorce their abusive husbands.

The only consolation, that I can think of for these woman, is for the men that they are sleeping around with to be just savants in the sack.


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