Monday, October 03, 2005

The European Union: No Muslims Allowed

Europe bills itself as an inclusive community. The continent’s representatives like to brag that Europe does not discriminate, that everyone is welcome and as examples point to the large immigrant communities that can be found in places like England, Holland, France etc. Items such as the genocide of the Jewish populations, race riots across England, and discrimination against those that speak with accents, etc. are swept aside as exceptions.

In yet another example of such an exception the EU indefinitely postponed the start “of negotiations on Turkey joining” the union. The reason for this indefinite postponement was “Austria's opposition to full Turkish membership.” Britain warned that this move could break the union. While Austria is the only country currently opposing Turkey’s membership, I find it hard to believe that it would take this step without any implicit support from other nations.

Regardless, the outcome seems clear: No Muslims Allowed.


Anonymous Sephiroth said...

Before you throw out wild accusations of "racism" at people you've never met maybe you should learn something about the fascist nature of the modern Turkish state, and how it butchers Kurds, how it racially cleansed northern Cyprus of Greeks, and how it continues to deny that the Armenian Holocaust ever happened.

That horrible human rights record (it's still horrible despite a few paper "reforms"), and not some silly issue of race or religion, is what motivates most people in Europe and the US to oppose Turkish EU membership.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Comment Man said...

I disagree with you.

My evidence: "The European Union formally opened membership talks with Turkey early Tuesday morning."

I don't think Turkey changed its horrible human rights record overnight. Did it?

9:54 AM  

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