Friday, October 07, 2005

I Don’t Want You To Appoint Anyone Else

The Right will love this story. In a new book, coming out soon, and in an accompanying “60 Minutes” interview, “former FBI director Louis J. Freeh has denounced Bill Clinton over the scandals that marred his presidency and for his record on terrorism, saying the level of distrust was so great that he stayed in his post so Clinton could not appoint his successor.”

By now, Bill Clinton, is probably used to people denouncing him over his scandals so that isn’t a big deal. The big deal is when the head of the FBI says that he stayed in his post so that his successor could not be appointed. He did not stay because he wanted to serve the country, protect its people, catch criminals etc. He stayed because he did not want a successor appointed.

There is nothing wrong with people not getting along, even when they work at such high level posts but when people stay in positions for reasons that have nothing to do with their jobs, that is when the problem starts, stops, starts again and ends.

People, for the longest time, were wondering why the FBI had so many problems and what was causing all these miscues … well now you know. The guy leading the damn agency wasn’t interested in doing his job, just saving it.


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