Wednesday, October 05, 2005

No More State Rights

Whenever some liberal gasbag asked me to name the one thing that made Republicans better than Democrats, I would always point to the Republican party’s policy on state rights: They believed in state rights.

This argument has been harder and harder to make over the last seven years and George Bush and this new Republican party has waged war on states that do not agree with their policies. One perfect example is the whole Oregon and the state’s marijuana law issue.

So hearing President Bush saying that “he would consider using the military to ‘effect a quarantine’ in the event of an outbreak of pandemic influenza in the United States.” He did say that some governors may object to their state’s National Guard being taken over by the federal but dismissed that thought by saying, “Listen, I can do anything I want. Didn’t you just see me nominate a woman who has never been a judge to the Supreme Court?” Karl Rove was seen shaking his head vigorously in agreement to that statement.

Well, he actually didn’t say that and Rove didn’t actually do that but can’t you just that scene playing out?


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