Thursday, October 20, 2005

She Can’t Be This Incompetent, Can She?

Harriet E. Miers, President Bush’s nominee for the Supreme Court has never been a judge. She, from what little we know, is a very good lawyer. She, from what we do know, is a very hard working woman who thinks that Bush, when he was the governor of Texas, was “the best governor ever.” No wonder he nominated her to the Supreme Court.

Robert Bork, who was then President Ronal Reagan’s nominee for the Supreme Court” has called her nomination “slap in the face to the conservatives who've been building up a conservative legal movement for the last 20 years." The other problem is that this woman cannot probably write. Her writings have caused considerable consternation amongst conservatives.

Now, in another show that she cannot respond to questions, comes news that the “Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee asked her to resubmit parts of her judicial questionnaire, saying various members had found her responses ‘inadequate,’ ‘insufficient’ and ‘insulting.’

I can’t wait to hear this woman speak in her hearings.


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