Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What hell is wrong with Africa!

You and I have heard these stories repeatedly. They are stories of one country or the other facing famine. Other than North Korea, a large majority of countries facing famine are located in Africa. Now, I have been to Africa, it’s a great continent and the people are amazing, which is why its so amazing to me that they always run out of food there.

What the hell’s going on over there? Is it the despots that rule those countries, like that jackass Mugabe? I bring this up because aid agencies have warned that nearly half of Malawi’s “12 million population could starve in the next six months without massive and immediate food donations … [which] so far … has not been forthcoming.”

Everyone feels bad about the people who are starving but there is a time when charity fatigue sets in. With all the horrific events happening in the world today, earthquakes, tornadoes etc., it is easy to see how the world would want to give money to other places and causes. Especially, when the other causes are one-time events whereas the famine in Africa never seems to go away.


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